Tuesday, November 29, 2011

T04.The Jane Oak Project - aka Jane's Oak

The Jane Oak Project... ? I had to use my glamorous headlamp to light this up. I was hoping to do this one in the traditional color, but opted instead to use a new favorite from Lecien with an oak leaf motif. Man, the inside curves are treeeeeky.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I seem to have fallen off my stride. And it was a very leisurely pace, too. So... since there's nothing to report on the quilt, all i have to share is what i did today that was quilt-related.

Had an entirely delightful outing with G. to Suzette's for lunch (omg that mushroom crepe?! What insane perfection) and then to the Merchant for some shopping. There should be a term or sniglet for girl-time that incorporates lunch, shopping and catching up... Like gab, gossip, gulp and grab. Grossilp? Shlurgripping? Grulpipgabrapping?

Anyhoo, it was fun. Here's what I was unable to resist this time. A primitive gatherings shirting with a great mottled background, and a handful of beauties from Mrs. March in Antique - Lecien. I wish there were more shirtings made that were cream/stained backgrounds with muted prints rather than full on red, blue or black... That's my ridiculous complaint for the week.

That's my jane's addicted binder in the background. Just begging to be split already. Not sure if ill do it by layout or alpha. (nerd alert!) Hopefully, I'll get a block or two done this week. Then it's probably full tilt Christmas. Have some quilted book mark and ornie idears...

Can you find happiness in a savory crepe? Fabric shopping with a great friend and creative buddy? Escaping the house for a few hours? Can you find a bit o joy in five fat quarters by Lecien? Exchanging parenting tips and Down syndrome stories? Grapgabshoplurping?

Yes. Yes you can.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Misc hoo-haaaaa

I was really motivated to get a lot of quilting done today - was being the operative word. But life is funny that way. Instead, I tried my hand at English paper piecing. (fun, but I'm in need of more instruction) and since the results were so diminutive, I was forced to cut a few more blank tris using some of my favorite focal fabrics.

Another beautiful fall day.Watching Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges on hbogo. sooo good. T Bone Burnett!