Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diamonds in Blue

You might remember that in my 'Jane's Addicted' quilt I'm making a large diamond out of diamonds and they are all going to be in medium blues. I had re-sorted my blues and narrowed down the choices for the diamonds, pre-cut a bunch of templates, and got back to sewing. Securely ensconced in my organized high, I was feeling great about finishing good ole' shutterbug. Look how many many (many) pieces it has. Didn't it turn out nicely...? well - 

a diamond in blue. great!

nope. it's concentric squares in blue.
totally forgot to reverse the background and blue on this one.
ugh! to try to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again... I got out the roadmap...
Hey, no one is forcing me to make this design process so challenging, but if
I'm going to do it like I envisioned, I guess it's time to quit winging it and get my house in order.
Now, I'll bet you were guessing I couldn't possibly put up another post featuring a spreadsheet. well... you guessed wrong!  I ramped up the spreadsheet, pulling in all block names from the alphabetical listing on the dear jane site and started filling in the wave/motif info. for each block, starting with diamonds. Now I'll be able to sort by anything and use this as a planning tool and not just a recording-as-i-go tool. No more wire hangers!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

013.Lakota Sioux

Marcus Brothers Textiles, Inc. presents The Regency Collection by Judie Rothermel for The New England Quilt Museum for the Organization for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Society to Protect the Status Quo.. good gravy that's a long title. and no id number anyway.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Take Two on Blue

To review: making the Jane Stickle quilt. check. Rearranging the furniture. check. Adding more blue. check. So, about that diamond made of diamonds, all in blue. Decided to double back and pick out my fabrics for these - both so I can make sure I have enough in the right range and so that I can prep 'ready to go' blocks.

So with my blues picked out I thought the next step would be to sit down and work out which 24 blocks would be in the diamond wave... About 17 of them are clear-cut diamonds - the others could be modified to look like diamonds or could just as easily fall into other motif categories. So I still have to figure out a few things but I'm rolling on with my new plan.

Unrelated to the blue diamonds, but on my mind this week... thinking of (maybe) using the same background fabric on all - or at least no shirtings. I love the shirtings with individual blocks - just not sure how it will look when I get the sashing in there. Will the sashing be the thing that stands out cause it will be lightest? Or maybe the plain sashing is what will set the blocks off and tie it all together. Hmmm. I wish I could find some DJs with shirtings as background to reassure myself... It's possible that because I'm organizing the color values and block motifs, if I don't have the added scrappiness of the bkgd/shirtings, it will be cleaner than I'd like...

Thoughts, anyone?

These are the darker mid-range blues...
These are the lighter of the mid-range blues... the variation in hue shows up
so much more in this photo - the gray-blues vs. the greenish-blues, etc.