Monday, September 26, 2011

006.Viewer's Choice

Viewer's Choice

Block name: Viewer's Choice
Jane's Addicted block name: Biased point-of-view (and danged if i didn't flip two of the leaves!) cuh-rap.
Original position: I-6
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Jo Morton (tan holly with warm gray berries)
Fabric/background: darker primitive (love this fabric...)
Color Group: tan
Wave: tbd- outer?
Date started: 9/25/11
Date finished: 10/11/11
Time: 2 meandering?
Pieces: 5
Method: applique - freezer paper on top
Notes: accidentally placed slightly rotated on background... hopefully background is large enough i can still use it? but the bias?? Still need to add the petals/leaves. 10/11: finished last leaf and trimmed it down today.

4.5" blocks: 2
Triangles: 1
Kites: 0
Total blocks: 3
Total number of pieces: 66

Well, dove into the applique. Again, rusty on technique, but it's turning out pretty well. Need to ask about fraying solutions, and clipping inside corners. am i going too far? Great for portable/take along work. I even did some in the car on the way home (what?) yeah, no I did. Gotta love that.
two petals down... two to go
last petal...

Friday, September 23, 2011

005.Bennington Star

Block name: Bennington Star
Original position: H-7
Jane's Addiction position: G-6
Fabric/foreground: The Old Sturbridge Village Collection II/Judie Rothermel.
Fabric/background: yellower stained
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2 - stars
Date started: 9/22/11
Date finished:
Pieces: 26
Method: paper-pieced from dj software
Notes: did something backwards - need to reprint. Love this fabric, too. Will go opposite Starstruck since the fabrics go together and they're both framed in yellow.

9/27 update: taking stab #2 at this. Working with 2.5" strips this time. Seems to be working better. Watching my way through Sex & the City, season 3 today. Mr. Big v. Aiden? Aye!

4.5" blocks: 2
Triangles: 1
Total blocks: 3
Total number of pieces: 66

T01.Australian Pines

10/28/11... Hmmm just noticed something about this block. Am I the last? Haha... Well, I will defn. Have to redo as I am all about pine trees and this for some reason seems to be violating a fundamental truth of tree hood. That of having a central trunk vs. um, negative space??

Block name: Australian Pines
Original position: TR-2
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Jo Morton (green holly with rust berries)
Fabric/background: yellower stained
Color Group: Green
Wave: tris - top row
Date started: 9/22/11
Date finished: 9/23/11 wee hours
Time: 3-4 meandering hours
Pieces: 20
Method: paper-pieced from dj software
Notes: ended up short in height

4.5" blocks: 2
Triangles: 1
Total blocks: 3
Total number of pieces: 66

Oy, this took some doing. Now it's done and looks great but even with all the extra I left on it it's 1/8" too short. Hmmm. Not sure what happened there. But anyhoo, now I have one under my belt. I had to undo about 4-5 seams. Still struggling a bit with the paper piecing technique. Cutting scraps a little small maybe. I'm using a narrow glue stick to help stabilize things instead of pins/tape but need to see how other people are doing it.

Random: sex & the city. season 1, eps 1-8ish... I like that Carrie Bradshaw. Does she remain likable? and omg mr. big. *sigh* #betterlatetothepartythannever?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Block name: Starstruck
Original position: F-7
Jane's Addiction position: G-8
Fabric/foreground: Old Sturbridge Village (I - original line?) gold colorway
Fabric/background: yellower stained
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2-stars
Date started: 9/20/11
Date finished: 9/21/11
Time: 3-4 meandering hours
Pieces: 21
Method: paper-pieced from dj software
Notes: 2nd cutting

Blocks completed: 2
Total number of pieces: 46

Started Starstruck today - paper-piecing... with one of my fave prints from Sturbridge Village by Judie Rothermel. So confused by paper-piecing again. Need to brush up. 10/11: trimmed down today.


Random: despite how god-awful sex & the city 2 was, it really really cheered me up today. Weather was awesome too - nice breeze blowing through the windows... Ahhhh... Looking forward to watching "Kathy Griffin: Emmy aftermath" & biggest loser season premiere...

9/21: finished today. Looooove it. Turned out great. Had to redo quite a few seams... Pain! But this is kind of a high stakes block since it's one of my faves... Kinda wonky on the back end but it really does look fine from the front. Can't wait to get a new phone so I can start taking pictures again...

Random: watched "something's gotta give" and the beginning of "pillow talk" - still a fave... Picked not one but two zukes today. It's a late summer miracle.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

003.Justins Comet

Block name: Justin's Comet
Original position: G-8
Jane's Addiction position: F-7
Fabric/foreground: unknown dark gold, small print, reject from sharon.
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2-stars
Date started: 9/18/11
Date finished:
Time: 1-2 hours
Method: hand pieced from dj software
Notes: finger pressed.

Blocks completed: 1
Total number of pieces: 25

Oh my lordah. Stressful night. Please, please no more excitement!! Ok, now that I got that off my chest... Quiet, rainy day today...

Finished 1/2 of the star, including fabric selection, ironing, starching, tracing, cutting, drawing (and redrawing) seam allowances, etc., and hand piecing first four pieces. Probably needed to adjust more since the tracing was a bit wide... (but didn't). We'll see how it looks when the other half is done. I am digging this hand piecing. It's so fast/efficient and kinda practical. Like breast feeding when it works!

Worked quite a bit on cleaning up the "studio" today. It's insane-bananas in there. Cleaned off the sewing table and cleaned out my awesome sewing tote thingy that i got on clearance from tuesday morning for $10!!! that i was just about to buy for full price. [That's just like the time i decided i needed more flatware and put it out there and found a bag full of villeroy and boch for $3 at a garage sale.] anyhoo, cleaned out thewhole thing and reorg'd but still did not find my purple invisible ink pen. Finally turned up in the last place i checked which was also the most logical... Ahem. Moved extension cord over so I could have the new desk ott lite and sewing machine plugged in permanently to a better outlet. Still room for the iPad too. That's key. I might also put the floor ott lite behind me - not sure yet. Then let's not forget the energizer headlamp!! I frickin love that thing! I was starting to wonder how my eyes were going to cut it. Now I know the answer: three different super-bright task lighting sources, a giant magnifier and a $7 pair of hot pink readers. Now, if I can keep my hands happy...

Also gave a lot of thought today to how I might rearrange that room. It's completely f'd up what with the fabric hoard, clothing "situation," photo storage and all the misc creative project bins in there. Then there's the "sloping." oooyyyyy. At least I feel like I'm making some progress and picking up steam... Whoo whooo.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

002.Brandon's Star

Block name: Brandon's Star
Original position: K-13
Jane's Addiction position: H-7
Fabric/foreground: unknown yellow print
Fabric/background: shirting by Mary koval.
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2-stars
Date started: 9/17/11
Date finished: 9/17/11
Time: 1-2 hours
Pieces: 25
Method: paper pieced from dj software
Notes: finger pressed.

Blocks completed: 1
Total number of pieces: 25

Aha. Congratulate me. I finished #one. Not the first (the 7th probably), but the first "official" block. I precut a few blocks last week without bothering to 'think' and didn't even reference my club notes... Later realized there were better ways to do these and the way I had cut them was not ideal... I hemmed and hawed a few days then Thursday I went to la bibliothéque and printed up about 60 pages of instructions/patterns (since I am still sans computer and therefore sans printer at home) }:p After jo club today - or rather the jo club that wasn't - i got to work on Brandon's Star about the moment I was free this afternoon. Good old paper piecing. I've missed you. Well, truth be told I am rusty but I think I got through it alright. Need to brush up on technique and figure out what I did wrong - but I'll get there. A little rusty on technique. Still, turned out pretty well. Couldn't take any photos as I am sans camera right now. Argh. The documentarian in me is annoyed. I had the new ott light right on top of my stitching and I needed it.

Took some notes and also reorg'd my dj binder a bit. Last night I found my Jane's Addiction worksheet I guess you could call it - where I can reposition the various grayscale pieces to work out the layout... Thank god - thought "someone" threw it away. Big surprise - "someone" - namely me - stored it in a mysteriously safe place - right in the binder where it belongs! ::re@s:: (rolling eyes at self!)

Quilting Binders:
Intro quilting (jib quilt, general)
Jo club

I was about to bail from the dj list again but everyone finally got back on track and started discussing quilting again so I'll give it another shot. Bought a couple more background fabrics today, Primitive Gatherings/Moda.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oops #1/6,834

Ok, so I'm rusty. Ver rusty. I set aside some time yesterday to assemble a block. Just one. No big whoop. I already had it cut out even. So I start laying it out and realize I'm not even sure how to attack this thing. I check the dj site - oops. foundation piecing. No can do without a printer. So I start searching online... "starstruck instructions" - "star block quilt directions" - "F-7 blog Jane"... Nuthin. Then I start thinking 'what is the name of this block in general quilty terms?' couple more searches. Then I go get my binder from my intro quilt class... After about half an hour it occurs to me, 'oh duh. These are flying geese in here... !' rusty. At this point I still haven't remembered that my Jane club website has detailed instructions on this block which if I would have remembered to check beforehand... So here we go. I'm off in search of blocks I don't need a printer for...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Misc tidbits

I'm down a computer and down a phone/camera, sooo I'm feeling a bit out of the loop. But just so's I don't lose track of things, here are a few notes on my progress.

- 9/10: cut pieces for Starstruck.

- 9/11: cut pieces for Brandon's Star

- did some thinking on background fabrics (to do all the same or vary? Solid creams vs. Shirtings, etc.)


- reviewed latest hancock's of Paducah catalog. Always a pleasure. I did not purchase anything.

- Judie Rothermel is still the reigning goddess, imho.

- put together the new desktop ott lite I bought months (?) ago.

- purchased dear Jane rulers at the last DJ club, a glue pen and a fq of course...

- rejoined the dj list serve but already regretting it as all I've encountered so far has been a political argument surfacing over the 'enduring freedom' quilt (idetestgeorgebush) : / , a bunch of fairly offensive spam, and flashbacks from my bad experience with that group a few years back.

- been searching far and wide for sites/blogs detailing current dj projects. Love to see what other people are doing. Love the creative process.

- otherwise, spent time today organizing paperwork, and watching 9/11 coverage and a great docu on the kennedys featuring gobs of home movies.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Stash.

Well, it's a fairly serious situation in there. If you're a quilter I know you know I know you know what I'm talking about. There's a large tote of 30s. Another stuffed with Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry and Denise something. There's a bunch of American Jane, some miscellaneous Moda. A little Kaffe - although not as much as I'd like... a smallish, heavy bag of sock monkey coordinates... You're getting the picture.

But the heart, the soul, in the belly of the beast are the civil war reproductions. Ahh, just typing those words fills me with feelings of 'happy tree.' How did I end up with a collection of - wait, whut? something with 'war' in the title? Well, that's a story for another day. Suffice it to say it's quite a large collection and I had a collector's sensibility about collecting these treasures - learning names of manufacturers, designers, lines, and organizing everything by designer and line. Upon closer inspection, I realize the number is double my first estimate of 1000. I think it's got to be closer to 2000 different fabrics. Uh, which is not only enough to achieve my original goal of having 'no repeats' but more like 8 or 9x the number of fabrics I actually need for this undertaking. Yeah okay, maybe I got carried away. As I confessed earlier, it was a genuinely classifiable (certifiable) hoarding situation, no doubt. But as i stood on the brink of starting 'Jane's Addiction' in earnest - something I've been planning for years - I knew the stash would have to be tamed.

...soooo... I spent many many (many) hours this past week going through five big bins' worth of civil war repro scraps, fat quarters and yardage. Since most of it was organized by designer and line and not by color/value, which is what i would need for selecting fabrics for individual blocks, I had a lot of work to do. I worked my way through the bins, sorting by hue and value, and also pulling out the large florals and the high contrast prints I've pretty much decided I'm not going to be able to use... I had to go through the various project totes and pull fabrics from those and deal with finding the odd bag of stash that never quite made it to the mothership - or the piles that fell off the back end of the table... Ooh, there was some good stuff in there. Ok, and I'll admit, I did take some quality time just getting reacquainted with these old friends again... They've been away on a major holiday. Locked up in a castle dungeon more like.

Once I had everything grouped by color and value/hue within the color, and had the oddballs sorted out and banished the uglies and the scratchies, I took a loose count of each grouping to be sure I had enough "medium blues" to cover all the diamond shaped blocks, for example. It was quite a project but even though there are still a lot of unknowns, I feel better prepared now, knowing approximately which blocks are going to be made using a given color group, I can now start making these little puppies. I am starting with Indianapolis in green. Next up will be four stars in yellow.

Side note: if this were a book this would be a sidebar... I'm doing this 'Jane' in a TATW (trip around the world) which means there will be concentric diamonds of blocks that carry both a common pattern theme and are in the same color family (e.g., blocks with circle motifs in pale pink). The 'original' did this in color but not in motif or value so it was harder to decipher that TATW pattern visually. My idea, quite a few years back already, was to reorganize the blocks based on motif and value (light/dark) and then reassign position and color groupings based on that. It took some doing but I achieved that, thankyouverymuch. And yes, that took quite a bit of time but it was definitely a labor of love - or at least an attack of compulsiveness I don't regret. And thank god I saved a few printouts of the design because the dear Jane software (probably user error) did not save my masterpiece! At the same time, I really like the overall color impression of the original so I want to keep it looking somewhat scrappy - not 'too organized,' not 'too clean.' Sounds like a challenge... Can she do it?

Friday, September 2, 2011


Block name: Indianapolis
Original position: G-7
Jane's Addiction position: G-7
Fabric/foreground: rocky mountain quilt museum collection / Judie Rothermel
Fabric/background: lighter stained
Color Group: green
Wave: 1-center
Date started:
Date finished:
Pieces: 21
Method: hand-pieced curved pieces
Notes: fun to do the hand piecing... Well, the curved hand piecing was fun.

Blocks completed: 0
Total number of pieces: 0

Hand-piecing the curved pieces. New, fun and surprisingly easy.

This is pretty much a hot mess.
I really need to go back and finish this one.
Jane's Addicted binder