Friday, February 24, 2012

011.Mac and Muff

Jane's Addicted block name:
Original position: I-7
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: by Jo Morton
Fabric/background: Primitive muslin by primitive gatherings / Moda #1040 (lighter)
Color Group: medium blue
Wave: diamonds
Date started: 2/24/12
Date finished:
Time: 2+
Pieces: 15
Method: paper piecing & applique tbd. Didn't paper piece outer border. (are you supposed to?)
Notes: love the fabric used in the cross. I think this was from Gretchen.
Watching: reruns of the office on netflix. Ahhh, lovely Jim.

4.5" blocks: 6
Triangles: 1
Kites: 0
Total blocks: 9
Total number of pieces: 158

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Garland: découpaged fabric hearts!

Yes, I'm excited about this one. It's a charmer, if I do say so myself...

I was trying to come up with a Valentine craft activity for my son's school party and -ha- well, that didn't work out but look what I ended up with! I had a stash of découpaged fabric - mostly from Judie Rothermel's Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum collection - that I made a folk "penny" floor quilt with a few years ago. So I started cutting out hearts (to my heart's content) and they told me they wanted to be a garland. Whipped out the handy paper punch and a ball of yarn to string them and voilà! I have been meaning to make some fabric pennants for my son's room for a long time. I think this découpage idea takes it to a new level... Just think how much damage you could do with a die cutter... A garland for every holiday... Do letters and you have name banners and quotes hanging on the walls -- in F A B R I C !!! ... Hmmm...

Will You Be My Valentine?

My dad gave me these antique valentines awhile back - I love them.

This little cutie's feet are on a spinning brad so she can "walk." So cute.
A little collection of Valentine tins and antique Valentines.

Closer up.
This is a real charmer, too. You can't tell from this angle, but the bench is a "pop out."

I love this kooky little gal.