Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mondo-ooooo Bag

This caught my eye at the Dear Jane retreat last month...

the MONDO Bag! (not quite done)

Fitting the lining... still needs straps and pockets -

The Michigan ladies all made one and I had to make one for myself. This thing was holding a lot of stuff.

I picked up a batik strip set at Erica's on the way home... You know the part of the pattern where it implores you to "Read ALL instructions first?!" wehell... I tried but didn't quite get it all. This increased the level of difficulty quite a bit. Loved the fusible piecing - made that part of it really easy and hard to bungle.

Some of the strips cut down to 2.5" squares.

Adding 2.5" squares to the fusible... all the work that goes in to making it look random...

All four fused 'gridded' panels...

Just previewing how it will be sewn together.
This shows the four panels after fusing but before being sewn.

This is where it was really fun. You just keep folding over the sewn part
and sew the new seam. Really fast. You do the short seams
and then the long, then clip and press.

One of the gridded panels partially sewn.

After the panel has been sewn.

The cool square bottom after sewing the bottom edges of the four panels together.
Had to go back and repair this seam. I am not sure what I did the first time.
This looks bad but it lays flat now.

The four lining panels fused to the fluffier fusible.
This is the step I skipped. You were supposed to cut the lining panels to fit the finished
size of the gridded panels. I had already sewn the outside together before I caught my mistake
so I went by the size they were supposed to be then had to resize it a little. Hopefully it will fit. : /

The lining coming together. This fabric is to die for.