Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Begin the Beguine.

I love the scene from 'A River Runs Through It' where the beleaguered home-schooled kid is forced to edit down his essay - again and again... "Again, half as long..." barks the dad. When he finally gets it good enough, he's freed and tears out of the house with fishing gear in hand, running off through the tall grass in the direction of his passion. While no one ever successfully taught me how to write with economy, I can relate to the feeling of keeping your joy and passion at bay. A million must-dos cue up in front of those elusive heart-and-soul projects. Why can't we feel free to dive into what really makes us happy? Why do we allow all the other nonsense to stand in our way?

Well, after years of waaannnntttting to take on this project, and kinda sorta starting it but not really, and perfectionistically planning and tweaking my way out of ever actually making a go of it, I'm really for sure for realsville starting it this time. Yeah, did you notice I didn't commit to finishing it there? : ) but for me, the joy is in the _____________ <--?


- JanesAddicted.

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