Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Garland: découpaged fabric hearts!

Yes, I'm excited about this one. It's a charmer, if I do say so myself...

I was trying to come up with a Valentine craft activity for my son's school party and -ha- well, that didn't work out but look what I ended up with! I had a stash of découpaged fabric - mostly from Judie Rothermel's Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum collection - that I made a folk "penny" floor quilt with a few years ago. So I started cutting out hearts (to my heart's content) and they told me they wanted to be a garland. Whipped out the handy paper punch and a ball of yarn to string them and voilà! I have been meaning to make some fabric pennants for my son's room for a long time. I think this découpage idea takes it to a new level... Just think how much damage you could do with a die cutter... A garland for every holiday... Do letters and you have name banners and quotes hanging on the walls -- in F A B R I C !!! ... Hmmm...


  1. Love that banner idea! Brilliant! Did you fuse the fabric or does it just hold it's shape on it's own? Or does decopage mean you coated it with something?

  2. Decoupage is basically white glue. If it's different I'm not sure how. (i better go look it up i guess) But basically, you brush it on the fabric (both sides), let it dry, then cut it. It won't fray, holds its shape, it does warp a little... I originally decoupaged a big stack of 9x12" (ish) repro fabrics for a small floor quilt so I ended up with all this prepped fabric... I think I'll be able to use it all now. What would you make with it?

  3. Decoupage info--->