Thursday, February 13, 2014

T12.Heidi's Half Done - aka RS-5, Geisha Girl

One of the other women in my Dear Jane Bee, Heidi, is making her quilt in pinks and browns with a great tan background fabric. It is not only beautifully made, but the overall effect of it is stunning. I just love it. Anyway, Heidi hosted the bee the week I was making this one and at this point, she had achieved the "halfway" mark. So exciting to see it all coming together. This one looked like it could belong to her quilt so I thought I'd name it for Heidi.

Hey look at that ! I remembered to leave extra fabric on the edge!

chunk by chunk


Realized I still need to applique the melon on this! oops.

shirting: trying to track it down - Judie Rothermel;
Nineteen [sic?] Century 1850-1860 From the Collection of Judie Rothermel

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  1. very nice i love the colors you have chosen thanks for sharing