Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diamonds in Blue

You might remember that in my 'Jane's Addicted' quilt I'm making a large diamond out of diamonds and they are all going to be in medium blues. I had re-sorted my blues and narrowed down the choices for the diamonds, pre-cut a bunch of templates, and got back to sewing. Securely ensconced in my organized high, I was feeling great about finishing good ole' shutterbug. Look how many many (many) pieces it has. Didn't it turn out nicely...? well - 

a diamond in blue. great!

nope. it's concentric squares in blue.
totally forgot to reverse the background and blue on this one.
ugh! to try to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again... I got out the roadmap...
Hey, no one is forcing me to make this design process so challenging, but if
I'm going to do it like I envisioned, I guess it's time to quit winging it and get my house in order.
Now, I'll bet you were guessing I couldn't possibly put up another post featuring a spreadsheet. well... you guessed wrong!  I ramped up the spreadsheet, pulling in all block names from the alphabetical listing on the dear jane site and started filling in the wave/motif info. for each block, starting with diamonds. Now I'll be able to sort by anything and use this as a planning tool and not just a recording-as-i-go tool. No more wire hangers!


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  2. We must be kindred spirits because I, too, have multiple DJQ spreadsheets! I am totally with you on this one. I tracked the blocks, their completion, their colors, the number of pieces, what fabrics I was using (this was a sloppy venture that never really got under control)....and then there's the woven sashing in hopes of compensating for running out of the background fabric. Janiacs, indeed! LOL!

  3. Kindred spirits for sure... Ok, If the woven sashing concept came out of a mistake then I say thank god fo happy accidents! That is inspired. "sloppy venture that never really got under control " lol. Well, we try!