Tuesday, May 8, 2012

017.Arietty's Got a Case of the Cabin Fever - aka A-9, Cabin Fever

Arietty's Got a Case of the Cabin Fever

So anyway, I was in my happy tree working on another blue diamond late last night. It's hard to explain just how motivating it is to have a blog to come to with updates on the project (not that anyone's really listening) - but there's some illusion of accountability. Hard to describe - but since it's working maybe I shouldn't pay it too much attention. Avert my eyes. Just keep on keepin on. dododododooo.

Recap:  - so happy with the results. 45 pieces?? wow. I am trying to remember to add extra fabric to the outside edges so there's enough to trim down to 5" but I shorted the sides on this one a bit. Still within the seam allowance though. The other technical note is that I've tried to use the "pin trick" where you locate where the intersections need to meet in order to have the corners meet. I have not been having great luck with it. Seemed like when I inserted the pin all the way in it shifted the fabric and when I left the ends of the pin loose it still didn't really hold it in place. This time, I put the pin in and then holding the fabric very tightly, inserted the end in perpendicular to the seam, positioned the fabric under the needle about .25" from the intersection, took a stitch or two with the hand wheel (not the foot pedal) then eased the pin out a bit. Then sewed through the intersection to about .25 beyond and then picked up and did the opposite side, then the middle, then the whole thing from end to end. And whoo hoo - as you can see it worked (this time). But obviously that's very labor-intensive ... I guess I just got lucky with the diamond's intersections - kind of forgot to check for those.

I wonder if anyone else making this quilt has set a limit for themselves - a tolerance for imperfection - like if it's less than a 1/16" off let it go - or whatever... Seems like an eighth is too much for such a small block but I do have a few of those anyway. Sometimes 1/32" seems too large. Just depends on the block I guess. This one exceeded my expectations (even thought it's still not perfect) so I'll just focus on that. 45 pieces! Go, self!

almost done - just needs the outer edges...

Stumbled on the 1997 movie "The Borrowers" with Jim Broadbent and John Goodman. After thoroughly haaaating the recent anime inspired "Arietty," this was a genuine treat. Now, I was not much of a reader when I was a kid, but the Borrowers - with their miniature, ingeniously improvised tools and red blotter carpeting - always captured my imagination. The production design (Gemma Jackson) was a-mayyyyy-zing! Eye candy from end to end. Delightful bonus tidbit: she was also the production designer for Bridget Jones' Diary. So, who's the one who really makes every detail so brilliant and perfect? Art director? Production designer? the uncredited slave-team under her? Anyway, it was great.

Since Arietty's got so much spunk, and loves pretty little things, I dedicate this block to her. Arietty: here's to you, little sister. May you always find a way to escape your cabin fever and enjoy the finer things in life and high-speed adventures 'til the end of your days.

Arietty has a bad case of cabin fever!

interesting cloud formations the last few days. pretty.
Lighter blue fabric: #5686 from "Alexandria," Jo Morton/Andover.
Darker fabric: #1037-0120 from "Paula Barnes Basics," (Bonnie Blue), Paula Barnes, Marcus Brothers.
Background fabric: #24381-1 or -2 from "Vintage Muslins," Windham.


  1. Love this block! Excellent!
    I know what you meant about the blog being a motivator...with that audience (real or imagined).

    1. yup! : ) love reading your stuff, Minka

  2. Wow - this block is exquisite! Is it paper pieced?

    1. Jovita, starting with mostly paper pieced friendly blocks since that's what i'm most familiar with... but gearing up for more hand-piecing and applique...

  3. I'm listening, I really like how you are doing your Dear Jane and look forward to seeing your progress. I have hopes to do one in the near future and am seeing yours as an inspiration. Margaret.

    1. Margaret, if you wait for another year to start yours we might finish together - haha. Do you know what fabrics you're going to use yet? It took me a couple years to actually get going on this one but i have got the ball rolling now (very slowly)...