Sunday, May 6, 2012

Antique Top... How old do we think this is?

Check it out - I found this antique quilt top in my sister's garage sale yesterday. (She has a large vintage fabric/cutter quilt stash)... There are about 100 different fabrics in this top. ::crazy fabric hoarding expression:: I thought a lot of the fabric looked pretty early - maybe pre-civil war? I know just a little about dating fabric but, well, I guess not so much really... But! I do know this is a particularly pretty hunk. Let's all hold hands and sway back and forth as we glance upon this lovely little piece of antique charm. Ahhhhh.

The rest of the quilt, well, she has an "interesting personality." Ummm... The quilt is worth less as a whole than some of its parts?... or to use the vernacular: it's a little bit - how you say - fuugly.

Bright red and pink sashings mixed with chrome yellows and pale pinks and browns and grays...

Let's just say I like it better up-close: one fabric at a time... There are plenty of grays and browns and pale pinks and reds, some polka dots and plaids... And about 5" square total of each so I cooouuuuld potentially use some of these in my Jane's Addicted quilt... just a thought. I think for sure it's coming apart in order to make other things that are more appealing. Anyone want to talk me out of that?

Now I'm off in search of Barbara Brackman's fabric dating  book...

chrome yellow
poison green
some chocolate drops
wine with pretty little flowers
red with christmas greens?

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  1. Doooooon't cut it!!!! Are you kidding? I love how shabby chic it is. It's not fugly, it's funky.

    I am singing "Swing Low" right now.