Wednesday, October 12, 2011

008.Doris's Dilemma

Doris's Dilemma - Twelve Oaks by Judie Rothermel
Block name: Doris's Dilemma
Jane's Addicted block name: Daahh-risss! (love and miss you, auntie)
Original position: K-12
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Judie Rothermel's Twelve Oaks
Fabric/background: Primitive jmuslin by primitive gatherings / Moda #1040 (darker)
Color Group: medium blue
Wave: diamonds
Date started: 10/12/11
Date finished: 10/12/11
Time: 1
Pieces: 11
Method: paper piecing

4.5" blocks: 6
Triangles: 1
Kites: 0
Total blocks: 7
Total number of pieces: 143

Cranked this one out tonight watching Project Runway. Love it - my only reservation is if the blue will seem too teal next to some of the other blues - and then it's making me question my decision to do the color waves. Will the blocks within a wave clash with each other? Since the diamonds wave is so big though, I can move it around so it will work I'm sure. Still, I'm realizing it's time to go through the blues and actually pull the actual fabrics I want to use.

the original block

Twelve Oaks by Judie Rothermel
primitive gatherings muslins

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