Friday, October 21, 2011

T02.Bennington Cross

...still needs to be trimmed down.

Block name: Bennington Cross
Jane's Addicted block name: Stands with a Fist!
Original position:
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Jo Morton
Fabric/background: Jo Morton
Color Group: brown
Wave: triangles

Date finished: 10/22/11
Time: 3-4?
Pieces: 36
Method: paper piecing
Notes: did 1/4" s/a on the main seams, 1/8" on little, interior seams. Had to redo the top 1/2 of the cross a few times to get it lined up vertically with the lower half.

4.5" blocks: 7
Triangles: 2
Kites: 0
Total blocks: 9
Total number of pieces: 204

Watching "Cyrus" and now Dances with Wolves...

it's the cute booty shot.
perfect movie to watch
while making this great teepee shaped block.

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