Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catch up time

some "blank TRIs" - these will go in between the pieced triangles. these are some of my favorite fabrics. I guess blank tris would be the best way to showcase favorite fabrics - as opposed to cutting them up for pieced blocks... hmmm.
Rainy, quiet day... Cut a handful of "blank tris" today and a few 1.5" swatches. Had the thought to make something scrappy out of the scraps but hoho I'm getting ahead of myself. Getting all cocky now that I have 6 whole blocks completed. No, but I know up front is the time to figure this stuff out cause it would not be fun retracing my steps through 6 bins and hundreds of fabrics to cut swatches on the back end.

Also sorted through the blues and picked out about 36 I can use for the remaining 22 diamonds. These will be the light to mid teal blues. I still have a ton of mid regular blues and a ton of navy. Then there's the blue & tans, the light blues, the stripes and the high contrasts which will prob not make it in unless as tris.

Someone else is using "Jane's Addiction!" should I change it to "Jane's Addicted?" or leave it...
Judie Rothermel
Judie Rothermel - Merrimack

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