Thursday, October 27, 2011



Block name: Checkerboard
Jane's Addicted block name: Muddy Bubbles
Original position: TR3
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Judie Rothermel
Fabric/background: Jo Morton
Color Group: brown
Wave: triangles

Date started: 10/27/11
Date finished: 10/28/11
Time: 5?
Pieces: 31
Method: paper piecing
Notes: did 1/4" s/a on the main seams, 1/8" on little, interior seams. Redrew the section where the checkerboard doesn't line up. Ripped out at least 10 seams...

4.5" blocks: 7
Triangles: 3
Kites: 0
Total blocks: 10
Total number of pieces: 235

wow, this thing has a lot of rows
just keeps going...
and going...
beautiful couple of days

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