Sunday, September 2, 2012

023.Claudia Jean's Cojones - aka I-12, Fred's Square Fair

My version - another blue diamond - about half done.

This is one of those where the templates don't really match the block in the book. In this case, there's a white border around the block in the original quilt, but in the pattern, they've taken that out. Since I'm changing the color/value in a lot of the blocks, rearranging all the blocks and using alternative blocks, it's not like you could call me a purist, but I decided to add back an outer border to this - just like the look of the original.

This time around, I named the block for CJ Cregg, another of my personal, albeit fictional, heros.Hmm, maybe I should save this name for a block that has fewer right angles. You know what I'm talking about? Nudge me if you do. I can't be the only quilter who uses the word cojones in a sentence.

The layout of this block, btw, kept my head smoking for hours last night - I just could NOT figure out which way the freaking pieces should go. Ironically, the highest score I ever got on an aptitude test was in the category of "spatial relationships" - I'm starting to wonder if I read that right.
Jane's Original

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