Wednesday, September 19, 2012

027.C-7, Megan's Mountain Laurel

Closing in on the final few diamonds... this one is a "diamond/X" which means it has both a diamond and an "X" motif, so it will be one of the four blocks that intersect the giant diamond with the giant X in my design.

Somehow I ended up fussy cutting the main fabric. What have I gotten myself into? oy.

Absolutely insane, this one... it was extra fun trying to get those little diamond points to match up.
More fussy cutting fun? I know, I'm doing it to  myself...
Another beautiful print from Judie Rothermel...


  1. This block is definately a bit challenging to make! Your's is looking gorgeous!

  2. Minka, you would think this is wonderful! I blame you completely for this trend toward fussy cutting. : )

  3. Wow, you did an excellent job on that block. The flowers are nicely fussy cut.

  4. beautiful block nice very pretty fabric also.I wanted to get to go to the retreat glad you had fun!!!!!. I was in Florida so could not go but want to go to the spring one......maybe meet you there. I love Judy's fabric also