Monday, September 3, 2012

New Fabric & Old Letters...

 New Fabric...

 I say "recovering" fabric hoarder - and I'm pretty good generally, but I have my moments of weakness...

I bravely bought 4 yards of this great vintage postcard backing - probably going to use with the Christmas Twist kit I bought a few years ago... Also bought a couple more yards of the primitive gatherings background thinking it was a new, lighter color. NOPE. It's the same one I already have four yards of for the Sweet 16 quilt. arrrgh. so annoying. But it's a great color and I will be able to use this for my Jane's Addicted quilt or any number of others.

I'm always on the hunt for great shirtings... Shirtings often seem to have dark red, navy or black prints which make them too harsh a lot of times - you don't want high contrast in a background... you just want shirtings to chill - which these all do - love 'em. The stack above includes:
  • Pam Buda's "Heart of the Prairie" shirtings #4996, #4994, etc. by Marcus Bros. These are so great with the mottled background, ivory tones and soft color prints. Keep it coming, Pam!
  • Paula Barnes' "Bonnie Blue Basics" #3380 by Marcus Bros.
  • Nancy Gere's "Women of Courage" #34107B by Windham
  • Jo Morton's #5688 by Andover
picked up a few homespuns on clearance...

and a small set of batiks...

 ... and Old Letters

The photos below are of correspondence between Fred Jones and my grandmother, Telsa Edmunds. These are special not just because they're completely charming old letters, but his handwriting - both the script and the incredible 1920s style print - are just amazing. I suspect Mr. Jones must have been an artist of some kind. I hope he didn't waste that penmanship clerking like Bob Cratchett for some cold banker... Plus, you can tell he was sweet on her, although as it turned out, my grandfather won out in the end, not poor Mr. Jones.

Jones' father emigrated from Wales to America with Telsa's father (my great grandfather)... The senior Jones returned to Wales but my great grandfather stayed here - and the rest is history. I would L O V E to go to Wales and see the sights. My mom and dad, aunt and uncle have gone there and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


St. Louis, MO - Jan 19 - 5:30pm - 1925




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