Tuesday, September 3, 2013

029.Violet Bick's Sunrise - aka E-5, Rising Sun

This one's for all the 'Violet Bicks' out there. A little nod also to Hatch Show Print - definitely on my list of things that make me happy... check it out - http://www.hatchshowprint.com/ 

Finished block.

 Prepped the pieces - extra large - what a concept!

Pretty fast assembly when you're not dicking around with trying to use pieces that are just big enough.

 Trimming, keeping an extra 1/4" til it's all put together.

1st half

Here's the back after sewing it together. I think i tried to pin it but it was just too bulky in the center. I basted it first a little outside the seam allowance. inside? anyway, then I went back with the smaller stitches and got lucky - it all lined up. I was gonna enjoy splaying the points to make that nice rosette but it wasn't cooperating so I just took a scissors to it. No apologies. No regrets.

Ah, that's better. phew.

Removing paper. Isn't this a thing of beauty.

A play-by-play: Removing the paper...
Pick a seam and "pop" it by pushing up a little on the front of the seam toward the back.

Folding back the seam - makes it easier to remove paper.

Tear toward the seam but a bit away from the beginning or end of the stitching line. This puts the least stress on the seam and helps avoid pulling the stitches loose.

Take it easy... this is not the time to be a cowboy.

Gee, kinda wishing i had pressed that material before I used it.

Time to trim her up. OK, i should have waited to remove the paper and to trim it til the center applique was finished. But it worked OK. (but it was harder)

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