Friday, September 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum - Part Deux...

This was probably my favorite quilt. Just loved the brights on black background and the subject matter also.
close up
This one was a tribute quilt - the story was about a terrible tragedy that took place in 1911.
The details are hard to see here because of the darker fabrics and no flash - it was very cool though.

Beautiful work of art. Fantastic composition and awesome quilting.

Found this one very interesting. It's not really my design aesthetic but it was beautifully designed and made.

Another beautiful quilt. I'm sure every piece was hand-dyed.

Close up - you can see how heavily quilted it was. Gorgeous quilt.

A fun one.

They certainly let you know you've arrived! : ) Cute town. Would enjoy going back there again.

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  1. Thanks for the eye candy! Love your Jane blocks.