Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

The original antique inspiration

Close up of the original...

While I was out in Colorado a few weeks ago, thought I'd check out the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden.

There were two shows - one was a challenge where all quilts used the same  . Fabric line. The other show was a NYC quilt guild's offering of modern quilts. Two great shows. No "museum" in sight, however, which was a little confusing. Still, it was a very enjoyable visit.

Challenge Show



  1. I love the pictures - these are all beautiful quilts! Thanks so much for sharing pictures from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum!

  2. Absolutely! Yes, I think I missed the actual museum somehow... But the shows there were great. Congrats again on your Jane. I really (really) loved the finished piece. ::cheers!::

  3. Gosh, the quilting on the one applique is just remarkable. I'll be going up there soon, and your posts increase the anticipation. :)