Monday, June 25, 2012

020.Sarah Kenton Loves Jim - aka J-2, Picture Perfect

This one was surprisingly quick, even with some fussy cutting... Watching good ole' Remains of the Day... I'm not sure why I ever doubted their feelings. It's obvious Miss Kenton loved Mr. Stephens with all her heart.

Judie Rothermel on the background and the inside of the squares. Not sure about the fabric framing the squares - maybe Jo Morton.

This block is partially reversed value-wise. Debated but went with this breakdown in the end. The fussy cutting was a challenge but it turned out pretty well.



  1. Beautiful blocks! What a great blog you have. Just wonderful and so full of great information. I have just started a new blog, Dear Jane Journal and Sew, and have added a link to your page. I am about to begin my first Dear Jane quilt and hope to journal along with each block. Thank you for the great information and all the inspiring photos. I hope I do half as well as you have done.


  2. Angela, thank you - looking forward to checking out your blog. I'm moving at a slow pace but having a lot of fun blogging as I go.


  3. I do have a silly question I guess. Do we use the patterns as paper piecing from the book? I do have the CD program and the book but I am lost as to how to start making the blocks. Thanks for any help. Karen Flick at
    Your work is wonderful; thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Karen, I am starting with paper piecing because that's the thing I'm most familiar with. I am using a combo of paper piecing patterns from the CD and some that are redrafted by the leader of a club I belong to. The blocks in the book don't always match the originals and she will sometimes redraft them to make them more like the original. Seems like some people start with the upper left corner and work their way down, some start in the center and work out (trip around the world pattern) - some just pick blocks that would use a certain technique and focus on those (e.g., applique) Since I am rearranging the blocks, I am starting with all those that have a diamond motif, and triangles. It's totally up to you. Check out for tons of tips and strategies...

    - Jane's Addicted.