Friday, June 8, 2012

Miscellaneous Happiness...

What a performance. One of the highlights of my LIFE! : )

From last week: (technical difficulties)
So after a series of unfortunate events, I mark today as the first really happy 24-hour period in quite awhile... My son had an absolutely amazing night last night performing with his dance class... Then I had my quilt club this am, where i tried not to get into any fights (you think I'm kidding!), did some gardening, took my son to the carnival, had a nice fire, solved a very exciting technical problem which will save me many moons of tedious labou... ah, this is livin.

enjoying some nice es'cream.

Another section weeded & amended...
Now planted with eggplant and golden beets...

Freshly picked Heirloom Peas from India

A couple new tools. haven't tried the frixion pen yet - this is the one that comes back with cold.
And I needed a new seam ripper. This one is from Fons & Porter. It's supposed to be easy on the hands, but i have to say it's hard to store cause it's so bulky - and the dumb cap doesn't stay on. I'm done messing around - recommendations, anyone?

and a stack of new shirtings... LOVE!

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