Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dear Jane Bee today... tried to get some prep work done ahead of time so I can just crank while I'm there... It was more of a challenge than I anticipated. I am not just in a muddle, I am a muddle. Ringing affirmative: I am Muddle. Hear me roar.

Also worked on prep for Edyta Sitar's "Sweet Sixteen." I had traced the appliqué patterns onto freezer paper a week or two ago and cut them all out yesterday. Between the tracing (with some duplicates) and the cutting out, it was a 3-4 hour project. Still need to enlarge the layout grid to 150% before I can do anything else. I must say that's a little annoying. I think a pattern should come with what you need - ready to go. But I'm new to appliqué so maybe this is standard. Anyway, felt good to get this done...  I don't really mind cutting small pieces out of things. Especially while watching EAT PRAY LOVE. <3 Smile also with your liver. <3 This photo doesn't do anything for this gorgeous stack of Edyta Sitar's gorgeous fabric. Did I mention it was gorgeous. The kit I bought, oddly, comes with different colors that what is listed on the back of the pattern (e.g., calls for 7 reds, but there are only 4, etc.) - so I'm not sure how you're supposed to interpret that. But I am just going to follow the colors as closely to the pattern example as possible since that looks so beautiful, and if that means I am F O R C E D to find some additional fabric well then, that's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make. I am trying in vain to find the blue border used here. I figured out it's from Edyta Sitar's Bon Voyage line but haven't gotten any closer than that. I decided it's the punch of that dark teal against the beige, punctuated with those deep pinks that really sings to me so I gotta find that somewhere.

Over and out til next time...

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