Friday, June 8, 2012

T06.Christmas in June - aka TR-5, Michigan Dunes

Christmas in Juuu-uuune... doodoo do dooo dooooo. Here's what you get for making Christmas ornaments in June. You get bitten by the Christmas bug. what?! Well, one block and it's out of my system 'til October. Probably be useful to keep it around through the summer and get all the Christmas gifts made now instead of sweating it out late and not making it like usual. Now that's a chilling thought.

I indulged myself with this - with a fun block and two of my all-time favorite fabrics... and for this fabric junkie, that's saying something. Flash robs her of her beauty, but this is really a beautiful print - both of them really. And together, they're very happily matched.

The irony of it all is after making ma-aaaany of these, assembly-line style, and perfecting the method, I screwed up the big one and had a hell of a time getting the points to match. But I beat it into submission eventually. Only issue is it's a little shy on the Dear Jane ruler and a bit wonky to boot. Sometimes I think when the time comes to assemble these triangle rows, by the time I get to the end they will be laying on their side. Talk about cold sweats... But moving on... Onward and upward!

One of my favorite fabrics of all time. L o v e it.
This guy too.

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