Saturday, September 17, 2011

002.Brandon's Star

Block name: Brandon's Star
Original position: K-13
Jane's Addiction position: H-7
Fabric/foreground: unknown yellow print
Fabric/background: shirting by Mary koval.
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2-stars
Date started: 9/17/11
Date finished: 9/17/11
Time: 1-2 hours
Pieces: 25
Method: paper pieced from dj software
Notes: finger pressed.

Blocks completed: 1
Total number of pieces: 25

Aha. Congratulate me. I finished #one. Not the first (the 7th probably), but the first "official" block. I precut a few blocks last week without bothering to 'think' and didn't even reference my club notes... Later realized there were better ways to do these and the way I had cut them was not ideal... I hemmed and hawed a few days then Thursday I went to la bibliothéque and printed up about 60 pages of instructions/patterns (since I am still sans computer and therefore sans printer at home) }:p After jo club today - or rather the jo club that wasn't - i got to work on Brandon's Star about the moment I was free this afternoon. Good old paper piecing. I've missed you. Well, truth be told I am rusty but I think I got through it alright. Need to brush up on technique and figure out what I did wrong - but I'll get there. A little rusty on technique. Still, turned out pretty well. Couldn't take any photos as I am sans camera right now. Argh. The documentarian in me is annoyed. I had the new ott light right on top of my stitching and I needed it.

Took some notes and also reorg'd my dj binder a bit. Last night I found my Jane's Addiction worksheet I guess you could call it - where I can reposition the various grayscale pieces to work out the layout... Thank god - thought "someone" threw it away. Big surprise - "someone" - namely me - stored it in a mysteriously safe place - right in the binder where it belongs! ::re@s:: (rolling eyes at self!)

Quilting Binders:
Intro quilting (jib quilt, general)
Jo club

I was about to bail from the dj list again but everyone finally got back on track and started discussing quilting again so I'll give it another shot. Bought a couple more background fabrics today, Primitive Gatherings/Moda.

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