Saturday, September 10, 2011

Misc tidbits

I'm down a computer and down a phone/camera, sooo I'm feeling a bit out of the loop. But just so's I don't lose track of things, here are a few notes on my progress.

- 9/10: cut pieces for Starstruck.

- 9/11: cut pieces for Brandon's Star

- did some thinking on background fabrics (to do all the same or vary? Solid creams vs. Shirtings, etc.)


- reviewed latest hancock's of Paducah catalog. Always a pleasure. I did not purchase anything.

- Judie Rothermel is still the reigning goddess, imho.

- put together the new desktop ott lite I bought months (?) ago.

- purchased dear Jane rulers at the last DJ club, a glue pen and a fq of course...

- rejoined the dj list serve but already regretting it as all I've encountered so far has been a political argument surfacing over the 'enduring freedom' quilt (idetestgeorgebush) : / , a bunch of fairly offensive spam, and flashbacks from my bad experience with that group a few years back.

- been searching far and wide for sites/blogs detailing current dj projects. Love to see what other people are doing. Love the creative process.

- otherwise, spent time today organizing paperwork, and watching 9/11 coverage and a great docu on the kennedys featuring gobs of home movies.


  1. Aunt Reen is doing a DJ quilt. Check her out. She is on my blog roll. Judie is the queen!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl. Added aunt reen. Appreciate the tip.