Friday, September 23, 2011

005.Bennington Star

Block name: Bennington Star
Original position: H-7
Jane's Addiction position: G-6
Fabric/foreground: The Old Sturbridge Village Collection II/Judie Rothermel.
Fabric/background: yellower stained
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2 - stars
Date started: 9/22/11
Date finished:
Pieces: 26
Method: paper-pieced from dj software
Notes: did something backwards - need to reprint. Love this fabric, too. Will go opposite Starstruck since the fabrics go together and they're both framed in yellow.

9/27 update: taking stab #2 at this. Working with 2.5" strips this time. Seems to be working better. Watching my way through Sex & the City, season 3 today. Mr. Big v. Aiden? Aye!

4.5" blocks: 2
Triangles: 1
Total blocks: 3
Total number of pieces: 66

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