Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oops #1/6,834

Ok, so I'm rusty. Ver rusty. I set aside some time yesterday to assemble a block. Just one. No big whoop. I already had it cut out even. So I start laying it out and realize I'm not even sure how to attack this thing. I check the dj site - oops. foundation piecing. No can do without a printer. So I start searching online... "starstruck instructions" - "star block quilt directions" - "F-7 blog Jane"... Nuthin. Then I start thinking 'what is the name of this block in general quilty terms?' couple more searches. Then I go get my binder from my intro quilt class... After about half an hour it occurs to me, 'oh duh. These are flying geese in here... !' rusty. At this point I still haven't remembered that my Jane club website has detailed instructions on this block which if I would have remembered to check beforehand... So here we go. I'm off in search of blocks I don't need a printer for...

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