Sunday, September 18, 2011

003.Justins Comet

Block name: Justin's Comet
Original position: G-8
Jane's Addiction position: F-7
Fabric/foreground: unknown dark gold, small print, reject from sharon.
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2-stars
Date started: 9/18/11
Date finished:
Time: 1-2 hours
Method: hand pieced from dj software
Notes: finger pressed.

Blocks completed: 1
Total number of pieces: 25

Oh my lordah. Stressful night. Please, please no more excitement!! Ok, now that I got that off my chest... Quiet, rainy day today...

Finished 1/2 of the star, including fabric selection, ironing, starching, tracing, cutting, drawing (and redrawing) seam allowances, etc., and hand piecing first four pieces. Probably needed to adjust more since the tracing was a bit wide... (but didn't). We'll see how it looks when the other half is done. I am digging this hand piecing. It's so fast/efficient and kinda practical. Like breast feeding when it works!

Worked quite a bit on cleaning up the "studio" today. It's insane-bananas in there. Cleaned off the sewing table and cleaned out my awesome sewing tote thingy that i got on clearance from tuesday morning for $10!!! that i was just about to buy for full price. [That's just like the time i decided i needed more flatware and put it out there and found a bag full of villeroy and boch for $3 at a garage sale.] anyhoo, cleaned out thewhole thing and reorg'd but still did not find my purple invisible ink pen. Finally turned up in the last place i checked which was also the most logical... Ahem. Moved extension cord over so I could have the new desk ott lite and sewing machine plugged in permanently to a better outlet. Still room for the iPad too. That's key. I might also put the floor ott lite behind me - not sure yet. Then let's not forget the energizer headlamp!! I frickin love that thing! I was starting to wonder how my eyes were going to cut it. Now I know the answer: three different super-bright task lighting sources, a giant magnifier and a $7 pair of hot pink readers. Now, if I can keep my hands happy...

Also gave a lot of thought today to how I might rearrange that room. It's completely f'd up what with the fabric hoard, clothing "situation," photo storage and all the misc creative project bins in there. Then there's the "sloping." oooyyyyy. At least I feel like I'm making some progress and picking up steam... Whoo whooo.

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