Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Block name: Starstruck
Original position: F-7
Jane's Addiction position: G-8
Fabric/foreground: Old Sturbridge Village (I - original line?) gold colorway
Fabric/background: yellower stained
Color Group: yellow
Wave: 2-stars
Date started: 9/20/11
Date finished: 9/21/11
Time: 3-4 meandering hours
Pieces: 21
Method: paper-pieced from dj software
Notes: 2nd cutting

Blocks completed: 2
Total number of pieces: 46

Started Starstruck today - paper-piecing... with one of my fave prints from Sturbridge Village by Judie Rothermel. So confused by paper-piecing again. Need to brush up. 10/11: trimmed down today.


Random: despite how god-awful sex & the city 2 was, it really really cheered me up today. Weather was awesome too - nice breeze blowing through the windows... Ahhhh... Looking forward to watching "Kathy Griffin: Emmy aftermath" & biggest loser season premiere...

9/21: finished today. Looooove it. Turned out great. Had to redo quite a few seams... Pain! But this is kind of a high stakes block since it's one of my faves... Kinda wonky on the back end but it really does look fine from the front. Can't wait to get a new phone so I can start taking pictures again...

Random: watched "something's gotta give" and the beginning of "pillow talk" - still a fave... Picked not one but two zukes today. It's a late summer miracle.

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