Monday, September 26, 2011

006.Viewer's Choice

Viewer's Choice

Block name: Viewer's Choice
Jane's Addicted block name: Biased point-of-view (and danged if i didn't flip two of the leaves!) cuh-rap.
Original position: I-6
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Jo Morton (tan holly with warm gray berries)
Fabric/background: darker primitive (love this fabric...)
Color Group: tan
Wave: tbd- outer?
Date started: 9/25/11
Date finished: 10/11/11
Time: 2 meandering?
Pieces: 5
Method: applique - freezer paper on top
Notes: accidentally placed slightly rotated on background... hopefully background is large enough i can still use it? but the bias?? Still need to add the petals/leaves. 10/11: finished last leaf and trimmed it down today.

4.5" blocks: 2
Triangles: 1
Kites: 0
Total blocks: 3
Total number of pieces: 66

Well, dove into the applique. Again, rusty on technique, but it's turning out pretty well. Need to ask about fraying solutions, and clipping inside corners. am i going too far? Great for portable/take along work. I even did some in the car on the way home (what?) yeah, no I did. Gotta love that.
two petals down... two to go
last petal...

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