Friday, September 23, 2011

T01.Australian Pines

10/28/11... Hmmm just noticed something about this block. Am I the last? Haha... Well, I will defn. Have to redo as I am all about pine trees and this for some reason seems to be violating a fundamental truth of tree hood. That of having a central trunk vs. um, negative space??

Block name: Australian Pines
Original position: TR-2
Jane's Addiction position: tbd
Fabric/foreground: Jo Morton (green holly with rust berries)
Fabric/background: yellower stained
Color Group: Green
Wave: tris - top row
Date started: 9/22/11
Date finished: 9/23/11 wee hours
Time: 3-4 meandering hours
Pieces: 20
Method: paper-pieced from dj software
Notes: ended up short in height

4.5" blocks: 2
Triangles: 1
Total blocks: 3
Total number of pieces: 66

Oy, this took some doing. Now it's done and looks great but even with all the extra I left on it it's 1/8" too short. Hmmm. Not sure what happened there. But anyhoo, now I have one under my belt. I had to undo about 4-5 seams. Still struggling a bit with the paper piecing technique. Cutting scraps a little small maybe. I'm using a narrow glue stick to help stabilize things instead of pins/tape but need to see how other people are doing it.

Random: sex & the city. season 1, eps 1-8ish... I like that Carrie Bradshaw. Does she remain likable? and omg mr. big. *sigh* #betterlatetothepartythannever?

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